When Do You Need To Take The Driving Skills Test?

When to Take the Driving Skills Test

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A driving skill test is required both when applying for a level two driver’s license under Graduated Driver Licensing and when 18 or older, applying for an original driver’s license. A road test exam is also required when your last driver’s license has expired for more than four years. You will not have to worry about driver testing if you have a driver’s license from Canada, Germany, or South Korea.

Prerequisites for taking a driver’s license test vary based on age. If you are under 18, you must complete segment two of driver education, with a log of 50 supervised driving hours, with at least 10 being at night. You must also hold a level one learner’s license for at least six months and not have any civil infractions, convictions, or at-fault crashes in the 90 days preceding the driving test. For those who are 18 and older, you must obtain a temporary instruction permit and it is recommended to partake in some guided state driving test practice. This can be done with a friend, family member, or a professional instructor.

When you are ready to take the Michigan driver’s license test, there are plenty of resources for doing so. The driver’s license road test is administered by independent driver testing businesses approved by the Secretary of State. One great option for the road test exam is Same Day Road Test. They have multiple road test locations and offer a great experience for the test driver, including the option to rent a car for the road test.

For applicants who are hard of hearing or not fluent in English, you may use an interpreter during the driving skills test. However, the interpreter is required to present photo identification to the test administrator and may only interpret instructions as the examiner gives them.

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