Moving to Michigan

Moving to Michigan

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So, you just moved to Michigan and are looking to obtain your driver’s license. As soon as you establish residency, you should apply for a Michigan driver’s license. When applying for a license for driving, you will need to bring multiple documents to the Secretary of State office. These include proof of a Social Security number, proof of U.S. citizenship or legal presence, proof of your identity, and proof of Michigan residency.

Once your documents are approved, you will be required to take a vision test. You may also have to take a MI written driving test, obtain a temporary instruction permit or learner’s permit, and pass a road test exam. The only individuals who are exempt from driver testing and the MI written driving test are those with a driver’s license from another U.S. state, Canada, Germany, or South Korea. However, these licenses will not be convertible if they have expired for at least four years. If this is the case, then a driving test and MI written driving test will be required.

There are plenty of resources for taking the Michigan driver’s license test. The driver’s license road test is administered by independent driver testing businesses approved by the Secretary of State. One great option for the road test exam is Same Day Road Test. They have multiple road test locations and offer a great experience for the test driver, including the option to rent a car for the road test.

Once you have met all the prerequisites, you will just have to pay a license fee which may vary depending on the license type and the addition of any endorsements. After that, your Michigan driver’s license will arrive in the mail in about three weeks.

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